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The D.S.D. System


Introducing the World's First Computerized Director of Staff Development System

Edward G. Dudley-Robey has developed and copyrighted the first computer program for the Director of Staff Development position in the healthcare environment. This software will take the DSD from the pioneer days of the ring binders and 3 1/2 inch card files into the space age. It is a menu driven learning database system which keeps track of all the employee records.

Another important feature of the program is the ability to produce a custom report at the click of a button (Quality assurance meetings become a breeze).

This system will save healthcare facilities thousands of dollars a year in DSD time and when survey time comes around the employee records are all available at the click of a button, possibly saving a substantial amount of money in fines. The saved time will also have the benefit of returning the DSD to in-service education and floor training needs improving the quality of care in your facility.

Here are some Press Clippings from the Leading Health Care Journals

ACHCA Long-Term Care Administrator - "Advantages to administrators are reduced paperwork for the DSD-which means more time for training or even working part time-and quicker access to reports for survey and quality assurance meetings." Volume 31, N.1 January / February 1997

Journal of Nursing Staff Development - "which should simplify the work of any nurse recruiter staff development educator, or person involved in employee health. The format is easy to understand and access." Volume 13, Number 4 July / August 1997.

Journal of Nurse Assistants - "The system is designed to save the Director of Staff Development time. When a survey team comes to a facility, all of the pertinent information is available with a few key strokes. Overlooking an employee's record or a group of records would no longer be a problem." September 1996

H.E.L.P. Magazine - "Get rid of all the binders and mounds of paperwork. Log all your information on computer." April 1997.

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